Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Colin Dale

 These Tattoos are on myself and perfectly done by Colin Dale http://www.myspace.com/colindaletattoo
Check out his site!!!!!!!!!!!
 This is a design following the old scythian´s tribal tattoos.
I had the chance to see some of the mummified tattoos, and they re as perfect as it can get. Altough the´re on mummies and more than 2000 years old, they re amazingly precise, so my expectations on Colin were quite high.......

The canadian photographer Dan Lim took the picture, the rune line is Colin s work,(to collegues: he used a 9 magnum only, would you dare?) the front of my tigh is done by myself and Erik Reime, knee tapped by Jeremy & Boy, Monkey Tattoo, Borneo.
The rune inscription says: "If you´re too stupid to read this, FUCK OFF!"