Saturday, September 22, 2012

Deers & Birds

The deer "the king of the forest" as the germans call it, a very dominant spirit and totem animal, important for a lot of tribes through the ages, the earliest pictures of shamans show them with deer antlers on their head.
The sun wheel pattern symbolizes the strenght of the deer.

Do I really have to mention, that these tattoos don´t have a political background...?

Entirely handmade, pieces like that take a day each to produce.
Why do the tattoos have different tones of black?
The bird on the left shoulder is two years old when the picture is taken, the bird on the right shoulder two  days, deer on the left one day, the bird on the right two hours.
What happen is that especially the handmade pieces need a day to "arrive", meaning the dots are darker the day after. Then they bleach again a little within the next weeks, when the new skin grows over it.