Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Nordic Tattoo-the book. by Kai Uwe Faust

Here you see two Glima wrestlers from Switzerland with their fresh tattoos work in progress and in the middle our apprentice Patricia (check out the work of this promising starter: http://punishingflesh.tumblr.com/) The dotwork on the right design is done by her, designimg and lining of both arms by me.
All three of them are featured with more pictures in the book as well :)

Here is the nicest review i read so far about Nordic Tattoo from the Tattoo Hunter Lars Krutak, thank you, Lars :) : http://larskrutak.com/nordic-tattoo-by-kai-uwe-faust/

And...the link to the publisher, where you can virtually peek a little in the book and order it for an unbeatable price, also traders find the business contact there: http://www.arun-verlag.de/index.php/artikeldetails/kategorie/neu-herbst-2013/artikel/nordic-tattoo.html

I would like to thank everyone who works with me to create these nice projects :)