Sunday, October 5, 2014

10th International Tattoo Convention Kiev (Ukraine)

 Kunsten paa Kroppen participated this year for the third time at the Convention in Kiev.
Due to the difficult situation in the country the event was moved to september.
In the glossy magazines there´s a lot of stuff written about the fancy events in different safe parts of the world, but who writes about the effort, some people put in to realize an event in times and situations like this?
So, all my respect goes to the guys there.
What can I say? I just quote some quesions I got in interviews and people around me:

"Why do you even go there now?"
The question is not why, but why not? I go there, because I love it, the organisation, the hospitality the food, the honest appreciation, people show.
I go there, because I would apprechiate it a lot, when my friends from abroad would still visit me, if my counry would be in a situation like Ukraine.
Although I was one of only three foreigners there this year.

"Are you not afraid?"
No, I believe in fate, my time is set anyway.
 In addition, Kiev appears very peaceful now and life in the city goes on normal, all fighting is happening ca 800km away from Kiev.
People are mostly afraid of the unknown. Information helps a lot. And off course I´ve been there before an have friends there.

Why of all places in the world Kiev?
One of my big dreams always was to set my foot on the paths the old vikings went, so Kiev is unavoidable.
Good old Rurik (9th century) and his men that went down from scandinavia to what they called Gardariket (Empire of cities) set among others a permanent imprint on the city. You can see the woven nordic ornaments everywhere still nowadays: On the banknotes, subway stations, etc
 Kiev is beautiful, if you take your eyes off the dereliction, the ashes and the trouble.

Below some 100% handmade pieces I did there: