Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Heilung - Ofnir

Now! Now it is possible for the first time to listen to Heilung.
Heilung is a music project I do together with Christopher Juul (Valravn, Euzen)
We do Amplified History, meaning only using traditional ancient instruments and creating soundscapes with shield and sword, human bones and other crazy stuff in order to send the listener back in time.
Don´t even try to project a modern political or religious statement in it.
The link gives you the possibility to listen to the 2nd song of the album, called Krigsgaldr, featuring Maria Franz ( former Ehwaz, Euzen)
If you´re nice, I will post the cover designed by Christina Henrich next week and the facebook link, where you can see pictures and find out more.
Uuuuh, don´t ya luv it...? :)

(Do i really have to mention, who designed the logo?)