Monday, June 15, 2015

Runic Tattoos

Merseburg incantation (9th century, Germany)

personal Galdr, based on Galdrabok

handmade, Irminsul, like the more southern tribes called the tree of life and the net of eternity, containing the multiverse and all runes.

Vegvisir, original from icelandic grimoire

About Runic Tattoos:
The ancients believed strongly in the power of the runes. They were aware of the infinite power laying within the symbols, that could heal, but also do devastating damage.
Who thinks about a rune tattoo, should consider the fact, that these symbols work on a very deep subconsceous level and affect so the reality we live in.
Runes, who prove themselves damaging or wrong, usually go scraped off or burned.
You can not do that on skin!
Once the rune is inked, it automatically activates itself through a very magically strong considered liquid, the forefathers used: your blood.
From then on that symbols will live in your body and mind and maybe do, whatever you asked it to.
So, think good about what you wish for, it could become your reality.
And also nightmares are dreams...