Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Markus Hammer leaves Kunsten på Kroppen

Markus Hammer is the first official apprentice of Kai Uwe Faust.
He is the only one allowed bearing the title, brag and advertise with it.
Markus was working at Kunsten på Kroppen since 2010, first as interne, later apprentice and last as fully recognized tattoo artist with all responsibilities.
His art is outstanding, he performs tattooing absolutely excellent and highly honours his teachers with every dot and line.
He was always an enrichment when it came to customer relations, very friendly and caring with passion for his customers.
Markus always put effort in to be on time and permanently worked on to fill his space of responsibility adequately.
Kunsten på Kroppen wishes him all the best and great success for his future.
Fans of his art are adviced to follow his blog and social media appearance to keep updated :)