Friday, May 13, 2016

Four tools

From top to bottom:

The first one is an antique from Burma (today Myanmar) called Khem Sak.
It was used by monks to do the Sak Yant sacred tattooing.
It was given to Kunsten på Kroppen by Travelinmick, who brought it from one of his journeys.

The second one is a tool from
Sua Sulu ape Paulo II
who was a samoan traditional master tattoo artist.
Coming from an old tattooist family he carried the mythology and craft of tattooing.
He personally handed the tool over to Kunsten på Kroppen.

The third one is an Inuit tool reconstruction, as described by Lars Krutak in his book
 "Tattoo traditions of native North America"
Below the page from the book with the reconstructions put on it.
Instead of copper I used an iron needle and i prefer my needles a bit shorter.
I used these Aivilingmiut tools for many years on the viking markeds and produced hundreds of them.
(Ingalik awl carved by David Schütze)

The fourth one was used in 2003 by Erik Reime for an experiment about tattooing in the stone age.