Tuesday, May 17, 2016


A very special weekend with good people on a magic place making old style magical tattoos.
Here you see the lead singer of L.E.A.F.
We did a song together:

Where you find runes:
On Bragis tongue...sleipnirs hoofs...the owls beak...nail of the norn...hand of the healer...

(free interpretation)

The lead singer of FAUN, check out an amazing version of Egillssaga, a classic :

We started with a ceremony on a crisp, cold morning and finished in warm sunshine...

During the tattoo process, ancient and new songs were sung...

The ravens on the shoulders were described before and also here I m not giving away the very personal meanings of the Bindrunes and Galdrs.
There s many reasons why people wish to have the ancient symbols on their skin.
A wish for love, protection, health or generally power might be the intension.
And sometimes it s just beautiful.