Saturday, May 14, 2016

Girls & Animals

The Heron, a fascinating bird with big symbolism in many cultures.
Like most waterbirds, also the heron travels permanently three worlds, the world of water, air and land, wich i think is the core of the fascination for this amazingly elegant being, nesting in big colonies high up in the trees.

The crossed viper, one of the very few dangerous snakes in northern Europe.
There is a certain magical link some girls have with it...

The midgardsnake. A primal symbol, very present in contemporary nordic art.

The Ram and the deer, single and in combination also a very admired symbol.
The style here is clearly nordic, although the siberian plain tribes of the earlier iron age already favoured the horned beasts.

Here you can see a tattoo by me wich is ca 10 years old and underwent two pregnancies.
It is the darker part on the bottom.
On top is the new part, freshly made.
As usual, there s no big editing being made, so you can see the development process of a solid and bold nordic piece.

Runes...what do the runes mean?!

"...and is there one that asks you about Runes, so thou shalt fall silent..."
(free translation)