Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hats and rituals

What is the thing with the funny straps in front of the eyes?
In Siberian and Tuvan shamanism today these straps still play an important role.
It is less about hiding the face.
Apart from taking away half of the external sight, wich is for special practices and paths important, it also shelters the eyes from entering evil spirits.
In the european iron age we find clear evidence of the concepts of spirits that invade throgh all body openings.
Also it is mentioned in one of the sagas, that the Vølva asks her helper to bring the dark hood or hat with the straps, in order to perform Seidhr.
Sometimes you can see me working at public sessions with a black hat and straps covering my eyes, serving apart for ceremonial purposes also simply as blinders for the flashlight of the cameras :)